Hiya. I'm Ben and I live in Southampton, England.

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2010 - 2022

Substream is an on-rails shooter for Windows PC, which I started developing in 2010. I wanted to make a game where the environment morphs and pulses in sync with the soundtrack. There was no affordable game engine which could make this happen at the time so I coded my own in C++ and DirectX. Development was sporadic and I had to rediscover the project a few times over several years until I eventually released the game in 2022.

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Task Tracker

2022 - 2023

Some of my past software development roles have required context switching often throughout my days, and then trying to fill out a time sheet at the end of the week. This is difficult combiniation and it's easy to get lost. So I created a simple Windows Forms application to track my time, save it in a file automatically, and review it at a later date. The only thing I need to remember now is to switch the selected row when I switch task.

Download Task Tracker

Procedural Architecture


For the final project of my masters degree I developed software which procedurally generated indoor architecture. It was inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto 3 where the city buildings are just external walls. The software lets a user draw an outline building shape in two dimensions. Then in three dimensions the algorithm fills this shape with walls, doorways, and windows. The dissertation is around ten thousand words.

Dissertation PDF
Download Picag Program

Toca 3 PSP Demo


The playable demo of the first console game I contributed to, ToCA Race Driver 3 Challenge. I was the sole developer of the demo, deciding which tracks and cars I could squeeze into the strict file size for a PSP demo.

Download Toca 3 PSP Demo

Access your PSP's memory stick from a PC using a USB cable or card reader, and then extract the zip file to the root directory of the memory stick.

Console Game Credits

2006 - 2011

I worked at Sumo Digital as a UI and AI programmer. I'm credited in these console games, which are available now at your favourite second-hand retro games reseller.

Gameboy Mods

2018 - 2019

I've been making some Gameboy and Nintendo DS mods and refurbs. Particularly "Gameboy Macros", which are made by upcyling the bottom half of a broken Nintendo DS Lite and have a bigger, brighter screen than other GBAs. I've yet to sell anything yet, I want to practise and improve my build quality first.


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