School Game Development Projects /

have been part of my work as a freelance developer. In 2010 I delivered a project to introduce games programming into a mathematics classroom. This was designed in collaboration with the teachers and students.

The starting point was a grey screen with a few static squares on. Some students had very little knowledge about how games were produced and were surprised when they first saw a page of program code, but after two days they had turned this scene into a working video game which resembles something like Worms or Angry Birds, with the player character moving across a 2D terrain and launching projectiles in an Arc at other players. Every game was slightly different, with the students able to design the artwork in their game and adjust the code to produce different effects or rules.

This project included problems related to trigonometry, vectors, statistics and geometry. Building a game like this is a great way to introduce mathematics as a creative subject. The equations that the students studied became tools that they could use to bend the game design and environment to the way they desire.

If you are involved in outsourcing creative projects in education, please don't hesitate to get in touch if this is of interest to you.