Substream Version 1.1


I’ve just released version 1.1 of Substream. This fixes several issues with the intial release.


Substream has two aircraft; “Sonata” is the shiny chrome one and “Alto” is the black gem-like one which presents a harder difficulty with its weaker shield and trickier controls. Previously you had to beat the game with both ships to unlock the bonus features. But now the Alto ship is a part of the bonus menu. This means you get to the unlock the bonus features quicker, which includes an option to install the MP3 soundtrack.

Screen Resolutions

The second set of fixes concern the game failing to run at some resolutions when Windows desktop scaling is active. I won’t go into details, but if you’ve had any issue getting the game to work at higher resolutions this version should contain the fix you need.


Finally, menus are more readable, with fixes on overlapping text in various languages, and more comfortable font sizes.